The Machine Operating Cycle

After loading and pressing the start button the automatic cycle is as follows:

  1. Pre-heat
    The machine heats to 40°C, this softens any oil or dirt and leads to an easier cleaning. Also by heating the components the cooling effect that would otherwise occur by spraying hot solution over cold products is generally reduced.
  2. Wash/Phoshpate Conversion Coating
    The pre-mixed solution is now sprayed over the components via rotating spray arms. Each spray arm has 4 jets, each one spraying 10 litres per minute at 2 bar pressure. The solution has been heated to 40°C and contains a detergent with a neutral pH and phosphate ingredient containing phosphoric acid with a pH of about 5.5. It is this pH imbalance that causes cavitation to occur on the surface of the metal, which results in the surface becoming amorphous. This stage usually takes four minutes.
  3. Water Rinse
    The solution is now pumped back into the holding tank and clean cold water is released into the chamber and the rinse cycle takes place. To prevent flash rusting it is important that the parts are not allowed to dry until all the phosphoric acid is rinsed off them. The machine incorporates special features to facilitates this.
  4. Dry-Off
    The rinse water is pumped to waste and the chamber heats to 100°C, drying now takes place. After which the parts may be removed. The tanks automatically top up with water ready for the next cycle.

A 4 tank machine is almost a repetition of the above with the addition of two stages before the dry-off.

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