Pre-treatment Chemicals

The Auto-Wash Zirconium Phosphate solution is a chemical that is used at a 3% solution that cleans, degreases and phosphates both steel and aluminium in a single stage process, This enables quick energy efficient cleaning

The Auto-Wash Zirconium Phosphate solution also acid etches metals which enables Aluminium to be washed, cleaned and acid etch prepared in one single stage process.

Our Zirconium Phosphate cleaning solution is an environmentally friendly low temperature pre-treatment and preparation cleaning solution which provides a real alternative to traditional methods of pre-treatment including trichloroethylene.

Zirconium Phosphate is non harmful to operatives, and can be used with little health and safety implications. Additionally Zirconium Phosphate can be pumped into mains waste systems without the need for expensive disposal.

The chemical negates nasty slush build up and cleaning associated with trichloroethylene, and instead offers an environmentally friendly alternative to cleaning and preparation of metal and steel prior to coating.

Training and help with chemical selection (our recommended supplier of chemicals for use with our Auto Wash -

Click here to request data sheets demonstrating salt spray tests results of Zirconium Phosphate solution versus trichloroethylene tests.