Spectrum Coatings

Spectrum Coatings of Rotherham, Yorkshire have been using an Auto-Wash machine since 2002. Previous to taking delivery of this machine they had been cleaning components by either hand wiping or by using a pressure washer. The Auto-Wash machine completely eliminated the time consuming hand cleaning process and also improved quality by applying a phosphated surface coating. The strategic investment, over 10 years ago, has enabled Spectrum Coating to provide a superior product to their customers and stay ahead of their competition.


GDL Air Systems Ltd

The grill, diffuser and damper company based in Glossop are specialist manufacturers of aluminium roofing equipment. In 2006 they took delivery of an Auto-Wash machine and it has proven a great benefit in their finishing department. Previously they had to hand wipe the products to remove cutting oil before spraying a liquid etch primer, which had to be left to dry before the powder coating could be applied. The improvement in efficiency following their installation of our Auto-Wash machine was considerable.