The Benefits

Environmental benefits

In comparison to alternative methods of pre-treatment and preparation of metal the use of our Auto-wash uses minimal gas, electric and chemical resources minimising environmental impact.

Unlike Trichloroethylene and gun wash zinc phosphate solution is a safe chemical which in its diluted state (It is used in a 3% dilution) can be piped directly into mains waste.

Floor space benefits

The Auto-Wash is a compact single chamber machine which undertakes a similar process to an extensive in line automated pre-treatment system. In a modern business environment where floor space is both expensive and in short supply the benefits of a compact single chamber machine are obvious. In some cases a converyorised pre-treatment system performing a similar process would require fifteen to twenty times as much floor space.

Labour Efficiency benefits

The Auto-Wash is a low maintenance machine which simply requires loading and unloading. The chamber can be bespoked by our fitting team to ensure that efficient loading and unloading takes place. In some cases it may be possible to pre-load a jig and then place the jig directly into the chamber by the use of a fork lift truck.

Chemical Use Benefits

In comparison to all alternative chemicals and processes there are huge savings to be made in pre-treating metal using Phosphate detergent solution.